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The Cats And Their Whiskers

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The Cats And Their Whiskers

Cats can be intimate but they are also dangerous at the same time. They do have an intimacy and love life, but generally they don’t pay a lot of attention to their “perfect mate”, but rather keep him aside. They have a period of time when they are “in love” but later on, the cats continue with their lives. After they raise kitten, they, metaphorically speaking, reject it and live alone.

When I said dangerous – I meant that they will attack if they are threatened. In all other cases, they will not attack but rather run. Only in the case when someone wants to hurt their kitten, they are ready to attack and they will. There are many cases when a female cat fights a male. Male wants to kill the kitten, to eliminate the competition, but the mother will defend its child at any cost.

There’s something so special about a cat’s whiskers that a cat wouldn’t be a cat without them. Whiskers twitch her nose and eyebrows, sensitive to everything around her.

Awake or asleep, these little radars keep their quiet vigil. They can feel almost everything with their whiskers – even if you try to sneak up on them.

Her whiskers will tell her if there’s anything to eat nearby, and for a cat that’s essential. Cats for all their loveliness are still predators. They can smell food easily, even if the distance is not small. Our farm cats would kill a rat with a single pounce. It would be dead before it even knew it was spotted.
Whiskers Giving Highly Focused Data
Whilst her whiskers sense everything, the cat has an aim, and that is to eat. Other comforts come a pale second to that, and no data is wasted when it comes to seeking prey.

There’s no messing with analytic s algorithms here, no big data that nobody will ever read. A hunting animal like a cat has no time to waste on irrelevance. Lean, mean and often hungry, cats use their whiskers to maximum effect. Sometimes you see a cat that is lazy and you think that the cat does not hunt.

It just sleeps. But you are wrong – it is just a stealth mode! Even when they sleep, they can feel a prey when it’s nearby.

Whiskers are no radars, but their surveillance that is working constantly. Farm cats don’t get days off, nor nights. Even when asleep, a twitching whisker is all it takes to wake her. The happening – good or bad – flashes through the black void. The rustle’s so quiet it’s hard to hear. But it’s definitely there. The prey caught in mind’s cross hairs. Her whiskers tell her there’s no fear in the animal’s movements. Now she’s confident that she’s not been seen herself. This is a dangerous world where no prisoners are taken and a cat is no exception.

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